Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: “A friend of mine is very good, he jumps from the water and lands on the beach taking off the table. Will I succeed in doing that too?”


No. IKO teaching keeps safety in mind: for us and for you it is of primary importance. The beach is a place of transit to be used for the shortest possible time: to enter the sea and return to land. It is not a stage and any improper use of the area is a risk for the community.

Question: “I’m  very light, is it possible that with a gust of wind I can fly away ?”

Answer: No, of course there is the right kite size for every rider. Our staff will know how to calibrate it for your weight and level; from 30kg to 140kg you won’t have any problems.

Question: [Technique] “Should I bring sun cream, glasses and lip balm?”

Answer: We recommend maximum protection from the sun, especially for those who are not used. Keep in mind that abounding in protection is a good idea. In fact, in water, the protection factor generally decreases, and the “mirror” effect of water amplifies the effects on the skin. Keep in mind though when applying oily protection to your hands should be avoided because the control of the kite and the activation of the safety systems require a firm and firm grip. Oils and creams, tend to remain on the bars, generally coat and compromise the necessary qualities of grip.
About the glasses, it is recommended to use them to always have a clear vision during the lesson.

Why to choose us

  • Learn modern theories and techniques and constantly updated your skill set;
  • Minimize time, speeding up your learning with proven and recognized methods;
  • Learn safety first; yours and that of those around you;
  • Being an IKO school we are part of a huge net, and you can continue your course in one of the thousand IKO schools in the world, with the certification we will give you.
  • Find the “ideal” wind conditions and mild temperatures all year round!
  • Save money;
  • Have a personal certificate, with your level, recognizable all over the world;
    Meet other kiters and widen your connections;
  • Have equipment that is calibrated for your real needs;
  • Have the chance to try different equipment and test the differences with your own experience;
  • Rely on the experience of a qualified staff at your service not only in the water but also in the reception and refreshment services of the beach, that offers every kind of comfort to the students and their friends/families;
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