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Kite Fuerteventura is part of a group of Kite Schools that is spreading around the world with the name of ”KiteGeneration”. The group started forming in Sardinia, and has a decennial experience background.

In Sardinia island (Italy) KiteGeneration Team has a spread net of accommodations services on almost every kiting (and windsurfing) spot, that allows students to easily find the best base around the island depending on the daily wind. And we can definitely say that this idea of a spread school is the point of strength of the Team.

Punta Trettu

In the constantly windy South Sardinia, the team has just built a new concept Surf House, base of a Kite and Windsurfing school.

Punta Trettu Kite House location. Two floors, on the side of the spot. A Restaurant-Bar with an amazing atmosphere and a lot of fun!

The spot. Known around all Europe for its constant winds flat and shallow watersandy bottom and its chill atmosphere.

Cagliari – Poetto (sesta fermata)

Cagliari Kite House  is 10 minutes by public transport from the beach.

Cagliari Kite House location. In the historic center of Cagliari, few minutes by walk from all major points of interest.

The spot. Characterized by costant winds, which will allow you to safely launch the kite.

It is the widest part of the entire beach and has a central position with respect to the bay.

The scirocco (SE) or Sirocco arrives straight on shore and carries considerable waves only when it exceeds twenty knots of intensity. The sand banks move during the year and therefore not the best peaks are to be found along the sandy shore; often in front of the fourth (another part of the beach) there are steeper waves which tend to ‘close out’ and need more experience, towards the fifth or sixth instead the waves are more open but with less shoulder and so offer shorter rides.

The mistral (NW) blows off shore and does not offer the possibility of navigating without assistance from a kite school or someone qualified to offer the lift service. In the event that you have assured assistance you can safely go out to sea, it is good to know that there are some areas in the bay where the wind is very gusty, others instead where the North West wind is costant and gives you the opportunity to surf in complete relaxation.

Between the area of ​​the hospitals and the army establishment the wind is quite costant, leaving you the possibility of making edges of a few hundred meters without the stress of a gusty wind.

Curious About? The sixth stop is a large area of ​​the Poetto that takes its name from the time the train was still running along the coast (around the 50s) and every area of ​​the beach was identified from the its stop, starting from first up to the eighth.

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